Macrolux AM

Macrolux Anti microbial is ideal for any application in which its required to maintain cleanliness standards.

Macrolux AM panels are treated with an Anti microbial technology during their production process, making the AM agent to form part of the panel, providing an effective and long lasting protection.

Common Applications

  • Processing areas for food/vegetable and cannabis greenhouses.
  • Areas requiring FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards for processing and packaging consumables.

Benefits & Features

  • High light transmission, optimizes plant growth.
  • High insulation value with multi wall structure.
  • Class A and CC1 fire rating certified.
  • Available with a 15 Year Limited Warranty & 15 Year Non Prorated Warranty
  Light Transmission (%)
  Thickness Weight (lb/ft2) Weight (g/m2) Clear Opal HD Soft White


6mm 0.26 1300 80 55 n/a
8mm 0.31 / 0.35* 1500 / 1700* 80 54 77
10mm 0.35 / 0.41* 1700 / 2000* 80 54 n/a


8mm 0.31 / 0.35* 1500 / 1700* 72 54 n/a
10mm 0.35 / 0.41* 1700 / 2000* 72 54 n/a
16mm 0,55 2700 73 n/a 66


Anti condensate that inhibits the formation of condensation into droplets by reducing surface tension making the condensation run off the sheets into the gutter or drain.

Double UV

2 UV

Two sided UV protection for superior resistance against UV rays which helps maintain long term high light transmission and provides cutting and installation advantages.

Double UV


100% Opaque multiwall polycarbonate sheet with the option of being in different configurations, Black, White/Black or White/Black/White. This sheet is designed for the end and side walls of a greenhouse which require a light deprivation system.

HD Soft White
HD Soft White Opal

Other Products

Macrolux Multiwall

Macrolux Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are an extruded plastic laminate produced with high technology polycarbonate resin. It has a protective layer to counteract weathering effects produced by UV rays.

Macrolux Rooflite

Macrolux Rooflite polycarbonate sheets are a high-performance material for natural lighting indoors or decks. Polycarbonate sheets are made with high technology resin.

Macrolux Systems

Macrolux polycarbonate specialized systems can be used as trapezoidal sheets, modular locking systems, panels for roofs combined with existing metallic structures and self-supporting solutions.

Macrolux Solid

Macrolux Solid polycarbonate sheets are an excellent option for natural lighting when security and impact resistance are essential. Solid polycarbonate sheets are a very versatile material that can be cut or cold formed when being installed.